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All Lucovitaal products with discount. Always fast shipping and next day delivery in Holland and Belgium! Order here and profit from our prices! Lucovitaal has a wide range of high quality nutritional supplements that come with your individual requirements. No matter what your complaints are or in what life period you are, Lucovitaal has developed tailored supplements for the wife, husband, elderly or children. Lucovitaal is developing for over 25 years, with lots of love, enthusiasm and involvement for high quality nutritional supplements that are scientifically based.

Who is Lucovitaal?
Lucovitaal is a brand which is covered by HP. Benelux bv. This company has multiple brands in their possession. This organization has established itself in Uden and has professionals who specialize in developing products related to health, wellness and self-care. In addition, they are concerned with product registration, marketing and Administration & sales. The great power is in the core values of this Organization namely: innovative, flexible and progressive involvement.

Quality checks
PK Benelux has a quality management system, so as to guarantee its responsibilities as a provider of quality products. This is in accordance with ISO 13485:2003 and the medical tools guidelines 93/42/EEC supplemented by 2007/47/EEC, Annex V.

Product questions
Question: why should I choose products of Lucovitaal?
Answer: Lucovitaal has products for young & old. With excellent composition and is scientifically sound. For more questions you can always call our drugstore 0528-273013.
Question: What nutrients are in the product ‘Rustbalans’ of Lucovitaal?
Answer: Siberian Ginseng root, gold poppy, passion flower and hops.
Question: what is the composition of Lucovitaal’s product: ‘Lipblaasjes L-Lysine’?
Answer: Lipblaasjes L-Lysine bevat per 1 tablet: 1000 mg L-Lysine (monohydrochloride) with extra addition of vitamin c.
Question: does Lucovitaal also protein products in their range? If so, which one?
Answer: Yes, Lucovitaal has its product range extended with protein products. You can use these products in your diet. Many active and sporting people use these products for adding some extra proteins to their daily diet.
Question: I am actually looking for a sweetener for delicious recipes? Has Lucovitaal that too?
Answer: Yes for sure. Lucovitaal has Stevia. This is a herbaceous plant whose leaves a sweet, fresh taste. Available in the variants Stevia powder, and liquid sweeteners.
Question: for questions about products, payments, or delivery, how can I be with you?
Answer: you can always call our drugstore 0528-273013 or send an e-mail to We will be happy to help you.

go to all Lucovitaal products!