Customer reviews

Below you will find an overview of the monthly winners who wrote a review about our services.

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Winnaar Maand Jaar
Mw Hoefnagel uit Rijswijk August 2017
Dhr Bert Kivits September 2017
J.M.E. Kools Oktober 2017
Rita Reijmers November 2017
Marc Vermeulen December 2017
Gieslawatie Malhoe Januari 2018
Marloes Sweelsse Februari 2018
A. Van Den Hoek March 2018
Carine Lybaert April 2018
Mmc Mmc May 2018
Ellen Boos Juni 2018
Nana Van Oostrom-rodrigues Juli 2018
Conny Van Dixhoorn Augustus 2018
Margreet Sietzema September 2018
Sonja Mol Oktober 2018
Peter Boonen November 2018

We work with Kiyoh to  collect independent customer reviews and to supply new customers and existing customers with an impression of how our service is experienced by our customers.