Wat te doen bij verkoudheid

What to do in case of a cold

Read your self wiser and get grip on the situation


Take advantage of symptom recognition. Work preventive or lessen symptoms with good and proven products.


1) Introduction

2) What is a cold

3) Symptoms

4) Can you avert getting a cold

5) Tips

6) What to do in case you have a cold

7) Selection of self-help-medicines

8) Our advice

9) Epilogue

1) Introduction

We have this article written with the goal to provide our customers and visitors of the website with information about colds, Since prevention is better than to cure it. And for the people who are already having a cold, a selection of popular and effective products!

2) What is a cold?

It seemed the best way to begin with a short explanation what a cold really is. Cold or nose cold (= official name) is an inflammation of mucous membranes in nose, cavities and throat. In most cases the cause is a virus, there are several types of cold viruses. The virus has as a consequence that the mucous membranes become infected and swelling. The first signs are often a running nose, that is often quickly followed up by a blocked nose.

The symptoms usually occur after 2-3 days after you are infected with the virus.

Statistics: Adults are having 2-5 times a cold per year, children 6-10 times per year.

3) The symptoms!

The detection of symptoms is very important, because the purpose of the symptoms allows you to do something about it and in some cases you can prevent cold if you are lucky! We need to reflect on the recognition of symptoms in other persons, so you can go with the preventive approach.
Colds usually lasts no longer than a week, where as the symptoms persist longer than 10 days, there may be an allergy or an inflammation of the cavities, such as a forehead cavity-ignition. Cold is not always accompanied by fever, with the exception of small children

What are the symptoms of a cold?

  • Drab in the nose and the throat
  • Nasal patency
  • Reduced smelling
  • Sneezing
  • Sore throat
  • Cough
  • Headache and pressure on the jaws.
Fever goes together sometimes with a cold, but is not a symptom.
Prior to above symptoms, you may suffer from an aqueous separation in the nose, it is recommended that use one of the products referred to in this article.

4) Can you prevent a cold?

The prevention of a cold is very difficult, because there is no vaccination against a cold and their do not exist any preventive agents against the cold virus. The only way to avoid it to life as a hermit. Your choice!

You can reduce the chance slightly by keeping more distance of people with a cold and often wash your hands.

5) Tips

A few tips that may reduce the chance to that you or your children have a cold.

1) Keep your distance from people who have a cold

2) Wash your hands multiple times a day

3) Antibiotics is no cure for a cold, this product only works for bacteria not for virusses.

4) Make sure that you have products for colds at home. It is recommended that you have at least one of the products we display below, to have at home, if you have a cold, you can use the product immediately. Most of the products are stable for at least a year.

6) What to do if you have a cold?

Since there is still no method to destroy the cold virus, it is nice to know that there are self-help medicines, that make life more doable during a cold.

7) Our selection of products for a cold

We have made a selection of products that you can take if you have a cold, each product has its own effects. The first 3 products are for adults and the final product is suitable for children 2-6 years of age.

Products for aduls:

1) Inhalation capsules from Healthypharm

healthypharm inhalatie capsules

  • Inhalation drops gives relieve to your respiratory system and helps you to breathe more freely.

2) Xylometazoline (spray) from Healthypharm

healthypharm Xylometazoline (spray)

  • Nasal spray for the blocked nose. Sylometazoline HCl ensures a rapid and lasting relieve of nose restrictions, it reduces the swelling of the mucous membrane in the nose

3) Xylometazoline (drops) from Healthypharm

healthypharm Xylometazoline (druppels)

  • To be used in case of a blocked nose as a result of a nose cold.

4) Hot lemon drink from Citrosan

Hete citroendrank van Citrosan

  • Citrosan with fever and pain caused by th flu and a cold.

5) Antigrippine


  • Citrosan in case of fever and pain with the flu or a cold.

6) Kids nasal drops xylometazol (suitable for kids 2-6 years old)

Kinder neusdruppels xylometazol

  • Nose drops for the blocked nose be applied in a blocked nose as a result of swelling of nasal mucous membranes.

8) Our advice

Since many people have a cold during the colder winter months, we recommend to provide adequate support for your immune system. This support will be given to you when using vitamin C and vitamin D. For an overview of our winter products see our article: Vitamine D | kom de winter goed door.

It is also important that you do not keep walking around with a colds, since a long-term common cold often indicates inflammation, which are generally not self healing. Think of an inflammation of the cavities and especially frontal lobe cavity. Go to a docter if a cold is not gone after 10 days.

Finally we advise you to always have a self-help medicinal product at home!

9) Epilogue

We hope you are a bit wiser about colds and you can use the information in your own life!

Thank you for your time and attention!

The Supplements Europe team