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We sell all Vitotaal products for very affordable prices and profit from fast international delivery. Next day delivery in Holland and Belgium. Vitotaal makes supplemens from 100% natural ingredients, it's products are fytotherapeutic products made according to the official guidelines.
The products made by Vitotaal are natural and made from high quality ingredients! Het assortment is comprised of herbal products, which we sell with standard discount.
The products of Vitotaal are gluten free and free from additives. The products are simplex herbal products and can be used by vegetarians.

Product questions
Question: Why choose for a Vitotaal product?
Answer: A good reason would be because the products are 100% natural and contain only one herb!
Question: The products have different colors (box)?
Answer: The Vitotaal assortment has multiple product groups with each it's own purpose.
Question: Are the produts gluten-free?
Answer: Yes, 100% gluten-free!
Question: Why buy my products here?
Answer: We sell our products with discount, so you never pay retail, we also have a fast shipping service and we have a high customer rating!
Question: When i order today, when do i receive my products?
Answer: When ordered before 20:30, we have next day delivery in Holland and Belgium. 1-4 delivery in EU countries!
Question: Can i contact you for questions??
Answer: Yes for sure, you can reach us on workdays by phone email and chat.

Go to all Vitotaal products!