Vitamin D

 vitamin D in the winter

Extra vitamin D

De the proverbial ‘r’ is back in the months and this often means that temperatures are getting lower and less sunshine.

There are multiple sources for vitamin D mostly food and sunlight. But Can Still Happen that intake of vitamin D is too low. This often occurs with young children, pregnant women and elderly people.

At the bottom of this page you will find good products for adults and children. Only products which are customers like and are most sold!

More vitamin D during winter?

The reason people often need more vitamin D during winter, is because of the lower percentage of sunshine in these cold months. A large part of the vitamin D that our body uses is made under influence of sunlight, when the light hits our skin. So logically when the sunshine says, less vitamin D is made. Certain nutritional products also contain vitamin D, but this one source is often not enough.

Vitamin D safe for children?

Yes! Vitamin D is of course good for children because of their increased need for this vitamin. But it is important that you do not give adult supplements to children, because the dosages are often too high and children are very sensitive to this. So always use supplements which are especially made for children.

Vitamin D dosage

The dosage vitamin D is not the same for everybody, certain groups of people like pregnant women, elderly people and children need more vitamin D. Here you will find an overview of the different dosages.


Age group


Extra vitamin D in microgram (mcg)


0 to 3 years




4 to 49 years

Dark (tainted) people and people who live too much in doors


50 to 69 years



70 years and older



Pregnant women




4 to 69 years

Dark (tainted) people and people who live too much in doors


70 years and older



Selection of vitamin D products

Here you will find our selection of vitamin the products, specifically selected so you don’t have to search! These are all products that we often sell and are liked by all customers!

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Vitamin D for adults

1) NOW FOODS, quality vitamin D with an average dosage of 400ie.

 vitamin D NOW

2)Orthica vitamin D, quality product with high dosage of 1000ie.

 vitamin D Orthica

Vitamin D for children

1) Davitamon vitamin D tablets for children. Especially made and dosed for children.

 vitamin D for children

2) Davitamon vitamin D drops for children. Dosed for children in easy to administer drops.

 vitamin D Davitamon

Functions vitamin

Vitamin D is essential for the functioning of the body, it gives support to a normal functioning immune system. But vitamin D has also a few other important functions:

  • -Supports normal bones and teeth
  • -Has a role in the cell division process
  • -Supports from normal calcium level in the blood
  • -Normal functioning of muscles

Two kinds of vitamin D

There are two kinds of vitamin D, called vitamin D2 and vitamin D3, official names are respectively ergocalciferol and cholecalciferol. Vitamin D3 is formed in the skin under influence of sunlight. Some nutrition also contains vitamin D3. This vitamin is mostly used in supplements because of its good absorption.

Vitamin D2 is isolated from fats and is mostly used in the past to include into nutritional foods. These days vitamin D2 is not often used and this often replace synthetic D3 variant. The advantage of this synthetic variant is that it is more powerful than the natural form.