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Vitals was founded in 1988 and has since remained an independent company. The name Vitals is a combination of the words 'Vitamins' and 'Alserda', named after the founder of the company Gerard Alserda. Vitals gives support to professionals to get the appropriate information to the user. Vitals is a brand that is it's primary focus on the professional market.
Quality and knowledge!
Because of the nature of the market which Vitals targets, the quality of ingredients and production methods are very important. A professional market, also expects professional-quality products. In order to realize this, its products are made in house from raw material to end product, many times subject to strict safety and quality requirements.
Vitals has as a mandate to supply it's customers with high quality nutritional supplements of natural origin. In order to achieve this not only high-quality ingredients are required but also knowledge. This knowledge is among others transfered by professionals who sell our products to the company. We also provide extensive information, good service, fast delivery and the timely and complete answer to questions.
Important points!
Vitals has just like most companies a few key points where extra attention is given to, key issues of Vitals are: dosage, efficacy and absorption. We find it important to, so that our products have the effect we and our customers hope on.
In addition, purity and naturalness of products is also important. Natural ingredients are also important for our customers/users and the demand for natural solutions increases.

Vitals Supplements

Choose Vitals supplements, if you wish to be insured of a broad range, fair prices and products from Dutch production.

Product questions
Vraag: Which Vitals products do you sell
Antwoord: In our webshop we sell the complete range of Vitals. These are around 90 different products. From vitamins to multi and sulfur powder to Ubiquinol.
Vraag: Why choose vitals as a brand?
Antwoord: Benefits of purchasing of Vitals products are next to a good quality/price ratio, natural good absorbing supplements from Dutch quality. The products of Vitals are made in Holland and this will result in a rapid and constant supply of stock.
Vraag: I am looking for a powerful multivitamin! What do you have for me?
Antwoord: The “every day multi”. Like the name stated, for every day use to supply the body.
Vraag: I am looking for an alternative for milk, what do you have?
Antwoord: Vitals has "NannyCare goat milk 900 grams". We also have a 400 grams package.
Vraag: When do i receive my products
Antwoord: If you life in Holland or Belgium, you will have your products the next day. Foreign countries minimum of 4 days.
Vraag: Next to Vitals, i also want to buy other brands?
Antwoord: No problem, we have many other known brands of supplements.

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