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Buy all Vital Cell Life proudcts in our online store. Easy to find products and secure ordering! Next day delivery in Holland and Belgium! Fast international shipping! In recent years it became increasingly clear, adequate intake of essential nutrients is essential for maintaining a good health. The founders of Vital Cell Life realized this themselves and began their brand in 1984. It started with the creation of a nutritional supplements line. Vital Cell Life has only one goal in mind "to contribute to the maintenance of good health in the world"

Why choose Vital Cell Life!
Vital Cell Life offers a wide range of high-quality nutritional supplements to provide in your every personal needs. No matter in what stage of life you are sitting or what discomfort you have. The wide range includes: vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, probiotics, enzymes, glandulars and special products. Products have different nutrients and special formulas with a comprehensive composition. Vital Cell Life spent a great deal of attention to quality and composition. All in all, the products of Vital Cell Life have a great value for money.
Vital Cell Life avoids additives or allergens as much as possible. Most of the products are free of substances such as: sugar, lactose, yeast and wheat. This is quite important for people who cannot tolerate gluten, casein proteins and people who have candida.
Other important information concerning Vital Cell Life
  • - Vital Cell Life makes use of the ability to test all of their products at the European Laboratory of nutrients (ELN). This guarantees that the products are save and that the quality of the nutrients is according to their wishes and standard.
  • - All nutritional supplements have been tested on absorbtion levels, to accomplish a good absorption rate in the body.
  • - The food supplements of Vital Cell Life are based on the most recent scientific literature and the experience of the European laboratory for nutrients.
In addition Vital Cell Life prefers no unnatural substances such as chemical substances and allergens. The nutritional supplements in the natural line of Vital Cell Life are therefore free from allergens, contain no synthetic fillers and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. This can be said of almost all nutritional supplements in the vast assortment of Vital Cell Life.

Product questions
Question: I saw that Vitel Cell Life also have malatonine in their product range, can I also use it during my pregnancy?
Answer: the use of melatonin 0.25 mg by children, pregnant women and breast-feeding women, it not advised. Because this product has a some strong activity of the immune system. In these cases it is advised to contact the family doctor.
Question: I have an allergy to yeast, I want to use the product ‘Serraflazyme-Serrapeptase’, but has this product yeast as an additive?
Antwoord: No, the product Serraflazyme-Serrapeptase Enzyme is completely free of yeast, corn, wheat, sugar, starch, phenols, egg and milk.
Question: Is there artificial additives in the product “Multiglandular”
Answer: no, the product “Multiglandular” does not contain color and flavor additives.
Question: Does the product ‘thyroid formula plus’ has vitamin B in it?
Answer: Yes, the product thyroid formula plus includes multiple vitamin B types such as: B2, B6 and B12.
Answer: Yes, the product thyroid formula plus includes multiple vitamin B types such as: B2, B6 and B12.
Answer: Yes you can remove the capsuels for the “Super-enzymes”, so it is easier for you to take.
Question: If I want to order something do I need to first become a customer of you?
Answer: No, you can also order from us as a quest. But creating an account has some advantages. You do not have to fill in your personal data with every order and you can reorder your previous order, with just 1 click. We only ask for personal data and not financial data. If you need help you can contact us by email, chat of phone.
Question: would I be able to order products by phone?
Antwoord: You can ask us for advice by telephone, but the final order has to go by email of online via our webship.

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