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B12 forte plus 3000FeminosanGaba plus sublingualMagnesium taurate b6

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We sell all Vitakruid products for low prices. So never pay retail! NExt day delivery in Holland and Belgium, 1-4 days in EU-countries! Vitakruid is an innovative company that developes high-quality nutritional supplements that are fully in line with the orthomolecular medicine. The brand Vitakruid was founded by Elly Korzelius. Vita stands for life and vitamins, kruid refers to her background in traditional Chinese medicine. Vitakruid is continuously working on improving their natural products based on the latest scientific insights.

Elly Kakani is the founder of Vitakruid. In 1994 she started a naturopathic practice. Traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture and nutritional recommendations were her main pursuits. For more than 10 years, they work closely with health care professionals such as chiropractors, physical therapists, rheumatologists, nature orthomolecular doctors and therapists. Vitakruid would like to share knowledge and give support to professionals who advises other people about natural and orthomolecular solutions.

Objective and philosophy of Vitakruid!

Our vision: Vita herb products have a good price-quality ratio, we also look to composition, purity and ease of use.
Mission: Vitakruid finds it important to give their health related knowledge to professionals and to produce innovative products that promote human health.
Value: Any product of Vitakruid must be an excellent value for money, where quality is paramount.
Vitakruid is founded with these 3 philosophy in mind. These are the 3 building blocks for our strategy and organization and so the future!

All Vitakruid products meet the stringent HACCP requirements. That is to say that the quality of the products be guaranteed. In addition, the products are also manufactured and distributed under the more stringent GMP conditions. This is the highest guarantee system.

The raw materials of Vita herb products are all high quality vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts. Without chemical/synthetic or other artificial additions.

Product questions
Question: why should I choose for the brand Vitakruid?
Answer: a good reason to choose this brand for its natural products. Vita herb does not use synthetic or other unnecessary additions, making its products 100% natural.
Question: does Vita herb also magnesium? If so, which one?
Answer: Vitakruid has indeed magnesium in its range in the form of "Magnesium Tauraat".
Question: does Vitakruid has diet products? If so, what advice you give me?
Answer: Vitakruid sells the product "Super Greens", this product fits perfectly in a carbohydrate diet.
Question: I am looking for a highly dosed vitamin B12?
Answer: That's a good question. We sell very much vitamin B12 by Vitakruid, called: "3000mcg forte plus B12". With as many as 120,000% RDA.
Question: Are products of Vita herb also checked ?
Answer: because the products are sold through specialists of Vitakruid, it is therefore essential that products are of high quality.
Question: what products of Vita herb do you sell?
Answer: we supply all products that Vita herb sells on the Dutch market, at the moment 39 products.
Question: Can an order be delivered on another address?
Answer: as a customer you can choose where you want to have your order delivered. So you can choose your own home, but you can also choose your Office/work address.
Question: can I with questions about Vita herb also to you?
Answer: Yes, you can contact us for information and advice on the products in our webshop. You can call us or email us and we will make sure that you get personal advice. You can also always call for a second opinion.

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