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We sell all Valdispert products for good prices and we have a fast shipping proces! Next day delivery in Holland and Belgium. And fast international shipping! Valdispert products are relatively cheap to buy and are very popular. Many people use them during their day! A serie of products with specific goals.

Valdispert natural rest giver!

For many years valdispert makes supplements and they have quite a range of products. These products are 100% natural and made with all natural ingredients. We sell the same products as a pharmacy only for lower prices!

Why Buy Valdispert

People looking for good supplements, which are easy to take with you, are natural and are relatively cheap, look no further. Valdispert is a good option!

Product questions!
Question: Are Valdispert products made with natural ingredients?
Answer: Valdispert makes use of 100% natural ingredients like natural valerian, hops, passion flower and rhodiola.
Question: Can i use valdispert during my pregnancy?
Answer: For all products we recommend you consult your doctor before using a product!
Question: Do you sell products for kids?
Answer: Valdispert makes products for kids from 1 year! These products are free from gluten, lactose.
Vraag: I am looking for something during menopause?
Answer: Valdispert sells the produt “Valdispert Menopause total”. Specially formulated for women during their menopausal period.
Vraag: Is Valdispert gluten-free?
Answer: To ready as many people as possible, Valdispert makes sure it's products are gluten-free!
Question: If i want to order something, when do i receive my products?
Answer: We have next day delivery in Holland and Belgium. And 1-4 days in EU countries.

Go to all Valdispert products!