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Order all Trenker products with discount in this webshop. Profit from discounts and fast international shipping. Next day delivery in Holland and Belgium when ordered before 20:30 today! Trenker has an extremely competent team and highly trained staff in service that provides a wide range of original and effective medicines and effective nutritional supplements. Trenker is a pharmaceutical laboratory and works with a high technological equipment. To guarantee the production quality of produced medicines and dietary supplements.
In 1933 the pharmaceutical laboratory Rodolphe Henri Trenker Trenker N.V. was established. The well-known laboratory has always remained independent, so to retain flexibility. Trenker N.V. is located in Belgium Brussels.

The production department
Quality control and Quality Assurance work according to the most current European GMP standards. A "good way of producing", because this is the highest quality guarantee system within the pharmaceutical industry. They are also recognized by the famhp (Federal Agency for medicines and health products) and the FASFC (Federal Agency for the safety of the food chain) products are approved by the Ministry of public health.

Department of research and development
This Department works closely with universities and international research centres and does a lot of research to develop formulas that are scientifically justified and comply with the latest scientific knowledge.

Why choose Trenker?
  • - Absolute guarantee of quality products.
  • - Kwaliteit of ingredients
  • - Kwaliteit of pure products
  • - Guarantee of analysis

At the pharmaceutical laboratories Trenker N.V., the medicines as well as the food supplements are produced and controlled according to the quality requirements within the pharmaceutical industry. This means for the consumer and the health care provider an absolute guarantee of quality of the materials used and the manufactured products, as well as their traceability.

Product questions
Vraag: What ingredients contains the product ‘Alline procap’ by Trenker?
Answer: Alline Procap from Trenker consists of vitamins and minerals. like: zinc, copper, iron and vitamin B2, B6.
Question: at what time of the day can I use ‘AQtif 10’ of Trenker?
Answer: Best is to use the product AQtif 25 at mealtime.
Question: does Trenker only have nutritional supplements or also other products? If so, which one?
Answer: In addition to nutritional supplements, Trenker has also medicines, medical devices and veterinary products.
Question: Because I do a lot of sports, I am looking for glucosamine. Does Trenker has a product with glucosamine?
Answer: Yes, Trenker has multiple kinds. Like: Biocondil+USA300 packs.
Question: I have bought the product Memovital, but how should I use that?
Answer: the recommended amount of Memovital is 1 x per day in the morning or in the evening. Please pay attention to this product on simultaneous use of anticoagulants, consult your doctor.
Question: If I order a product, can I assume that there is a user manual available?
Answer: all products regardless of brand, are required to deliver a package leaflet in or on the package, containing the recommendations for use. We also have most of the information online, but not for all the products.
Question: If I have any questions about products by Trenker, what can I do?
Answer: If you have any questions you can always contact us via , by chat or over the phone with our experienced drugstore 0528-753013
Vraag: How are the products packaged and shipped?
Answer: we pack our packages in a hygienic space according to regulations. In a bubble envelope or in a box. Glass is packed separately in bubbleplastic.

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