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We sell all TopPharm products in our webshop. Easy ordering and next day delivery in Holland and Belgium. 1-4 days delivery in EU! Toppharm developed orthomolecular food supplements for the whole family. It is a good addition to your daily diet. Toppharm provides, among other things, vitamin, minerals, fatty acids and herbs on natural basis and of very high quality. Our products are available at drugstores, pharmacies, and health food stores. Many orthomolecular physicians also use products of TopPharm.

The production and packaging process of our nutritional supplements take place in a clean-conditioned space of pharmaceutical quality. Because of this, we can guarantee high standards of quality and durability. Parmalux is the first producer of nutritional supplements in Netherlands raised here. Toppharm sets high standards for the composition and raw materials of their products. By working with doctors, pharmacists, suppliers and laboratories we can deliver high-quality products based on the latest developments in the orthomolecular science.

Why buy TopPharm?

  • - Blue packaging, do not let any air and Uv-radiation in the products.
  • - Has a double guarantee closure.
  • - High-quality natural raw materials.
  • - products contain no allergens.
  • - products for young and old.
  • - suitable for vegetarians
In our laboratory are continuous quality controls carried out on ingredients. The product development and composition shall be done under high quality control. Toppharm products meet the stringent requirements of HACCP quality guaranteed. The quality of products of TopPharm are guaranteed.

Product questions
Question: Are the products of TopPharm safe to use?
Answer: first of all products in our range are made according the the strict European legislation in terms of quality and safety. In addition our products are conform to the HACCP.
Question: I am looking for a good Multi? Can you give me advice?
Answer: Toppharm has a series of multis in its range, something for everyone. For every age group there is a multi, for pregnant women: Super multi pregnavit for kids: TopPharm Super multi kind, for adults:Super multi compleet and for age 50 and older: Super multi 50+.
Question: does TopPharm also has products especially for woman? If so, which one?
Answer: In the assortment of Toppharm you have a special multi vitamin for pregnant women called: Super multi pregnavit and a product for during the menopause: TopPharm menofit.
Question: I am looking for a product for sleep, has TopParm this? If so, what advice can you give me?
Answer: Yes, especially for sleeping, there is the product: < a title = "Good" href = "" > Good nite melatonin. As the name implies, this product is a source of melatonin.
Question: does TopPharm also has vitamin C in their product range? If so which one?
Answer: Toppharm has a product line of vitamin C supplements. Different forms of vitamin C in lozenge, with and without Bioflavonoids (promoting absorbtion). And a Vitamine c 1000 mg ester c vorm. This is a fat-soluble form of vitamin C.
Question: when is the best time to take supplements?
Answer: we cannot give a clear answer, since the best intake time varies with nutritional supplements. Therefore, always first read the manuals on the label.
Question: how are the products packaged and shipped to me?
Answer: we comply with the HACCP standards. Which means we pay attention to good hygiene and storage of our stock. In addition, we ship all our orders with Post nl. Everything is send discretely.
Question: How can I reach you for questions about TopPharm?
Answer: If you would like advice or a second opinion, then you can feel free to call us or send an email. We will be happy to give you personal advice!

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