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Ahorn syrup grade AAlmond paste 250gBlueberry syrup Muesli and tropical fruits


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We sell all Terrasana products with discount. Profit from fast international delivery and next day delivery in Holland and Belgium. In 1979 TerraSana started importing of products and ingredients for many European trading partners from all over the world. They are as a Distributor, producer and supplier, and are specialized in organic products, brands that have been carefully selected on the basis of bio-certification, sustainability and artisan quality. Terrasana strives in everything after balance. Between production and consumption, between durability and comfort and ' eventually ' between man and nature.

To what strives Terrassana?
  • - High quality bio products
  • - Responsibility for the health of the planet
  • - We entrust the power of nature
  • - Fair means for us, substantiated!
  • - We guarantee certified bio products
  • - Humaan begins where animal testing stops
  • - No synthetic conservatives and colorings
  • - Pure vegetable oils and products
  • - Terrassana is part of SKAL

Terrasana is affiliated with SKAL. This is an independent organization that oversees organic production methods. They do this through inspection and certification, so whether a company complies to the prescribed regulations. Only then should an organic product, be called ‘organic’.

Terrassana prefers no unnatural substances such as chemical auxiliary substances and allergens. The nutritional supplements in natural line of Terrassana are therefore free from allergens, contain no synthetic help-and fillers and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. This can be said of almost all nutritional supplements in the vast assortment of Terrassana.

Product questions
Question: TerraSana also has oil and fry & roasting products?
Answer: TerraSana has roasted sesame oil and the RAW hemp and cold pressed oil.
Question: the ‘sugar beet syrup’ of TerreSana, does it contain lactose?
Answer: TerraSana syrup sugar beet is naturally and so contains no lactose.
Question: I saw that TerraSana also has sauces & flavor enhancers in their range, is this correct?
Answer: Yes that's right, so they have eg: coconut milk purely (22% fat 80% coconut) and the Ponzu Sauce-TerraSana 200 ml.
Vraag: I am looking for a natural nuts mix, has TerraSana those too? If so what advice can you give me?
Answer: TerraSana has multiple types in their range. Like the five notenmix TerraSana, and Tropical Sunrise.
Question: I would like to make a snack during exercise, does TerraSana has something for me?
Answer: Yes for sure, TerraSana has delicious bars for in between exercise, such as: Hemp, Sesame snack with almonds.
Vraag: Does TerraSana also has kitchenware products in their range?
Antwoord: Yes, like the salad-pickle press 3000 ml and the screw pump-pottery 24 cm, available in different sizes.
Vraag: Is the liquorice of Terrassana biological?
Answer: Yes, the ingredients used in the liquorice of TerraSana is of biological origin. This liquorice also has the Eko quality brand.
Question: If I order products today at your webshop, when will i receive them at home?
Answer: For all information concerning shipping costs and delivery times, see: shipping costs and delivery durations

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