Symbioflor side-effects?

The use of Symbioflor products can give a few known side effects. Wel known side effects at the beginning of use include flatulance, stomach complaints, fever, exacebation of skin complaints (possible because of overdosing), diarrhea (Pro Symbioflor), nausea and headache. When these side effects occur we advice you to stop the product for a few days, until the symptoms have dissapeared of have strongly dissapated. Then start again with 3x daily 2 drops. When this goes well, increase the dosage slowly.

What if Pro Symbioflor cannot be tolerated even at the lowers dosage (3x 1 drops)?

In this case dissolve 1 drop in a glas of water. Drink he glas with small sips, across the day! If all goes well, increase dosage to 2 drops and later 3 drops untill reaching recommended dosage of 3x 20 drops.

Problems with Pro Symbioflor / Symbioflor 1 because of lactose intolerance?
Both products contain traces of lactose (0,92 g /L). People who are sensitive for lactose, better start with very low dosage, and slowly increase to let the intestines get accustomed!