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In our webshop you can easily order nutritional supplements like vitamin C en vitamin D, and naturally many more. We like to sell natural products and so always advice our customers these products. Buy supplements with a standard discount and get extra discount on higher order amounts. We have a large returning customer base and we often get positive remarks about our fast shipping, good prices and good packaging. See our high Kiyoh rating!

Supplement brands!

We sell many brands that are made in Holland and many international brands. We have selected only high quality brands which are made with natural vitamins and minerals. Also the products are safe-to-use and are subjected to safety-tests. Some of the supplement brands we sell are Orthica, Vitals, NOW Foods, Bonusan, Davitamon, Centrum, Metagenics en Golden Naturals. We have products for fitness, sports and even for horses! Our pharmacy has a large range of products like natural foods and superfoods.

Much product information!

We have much information about you can read before you order online. Like what are dietary supplements, what the difference is between normal and sport products etc. Also the 100% natural products often have general and specific product information.

High customer rating!

Kiyoh website rating Voedingssupplementen Nederland

Our customers are very pleased with our service, we score 9.2 out of 10!

What are supplements?

Supplements are products made to support the intake of nutrients. These products are high in nutrients the body needs on a daily basis. Not everybody is in need of the same type or amount, so that is why there are many types of nutritional supplements. Some with just one nutrient and also multi vitamins with many kinds. The most important thing to remember is that supplements are an addition to your daily diet, not a replacement of! We always recommend our customers to buy natural products, because the nutrients are better absorbed by the body and so more effective.