Supplements for kids

Nutitional supplements are not only for adults but also for children. A distinction is made in food supplements for children, because the body of a child has different needs as that for example of an adult person.

Products for kids

The body of a child differs from that of an adult, it is still in the growth fase and has other needs in nutrients. Children are require lower doses of vitamins and minerals and are more sensitive to overdosage, precisely because the body of a child is still in development, it is more susceptible to interference factors. That is why the dosages of products for children often are much lower than other products.

Since the body of a child still in development taking the right nutritional supplements is very important, even more important than with adults. That is why there supplements made for children! The difference with nutritional supplements for adults is that supplements for children contain other concentrations and combinations of nutrients.

Children and bad nutrition

Normally adults and children get sufficient nutrients through their daily diet by eating healthy meals. However in case of bad food habits like eating fast food or personal situations, a diet may not supply the body with enough nutrients. In these cases a natural nutritional supplement can help and lessens a possible shortage in the body.