Superfoods smoothie

Smoothies are healthy, but must of course also be delicious. The possibilities are endless and you can get them just as as you like. To make your smoothie extra healthy and to get off to a good start, we have composed our smoothies with superfoods from our online store. The secret of these superfoods smoothies is that, despite the color of green, this smoothie is with a delicious chocolate taste! Despite the sweet taste of these superfoods smoothies, they are super healthy because of essential nutrients contained by pure and fresh products! Try and enjoy this delicious chocolate superfoods smoothie!

Superfoods smoothie with raw cocoa and mint

A healthy smoothie with healthy elements of superfoods and the great taste of chocolate! The following ingredients are needed for this superfoods smoothie:

Preparation superfoods smoothie:

  1. Add the hemp seed along with the milk in the blender, mix the hemp seeds fine
  2. Peel and slice the bananas and add it to the contents in the blender
  3. Then add the raw cocoa, hazelnuts and mint
  4. Blend the whole until it has a smooth and uniform substance
  5. Then pour it into a glass and garnish it all off with the Goji Berry and Chia seed for extra nutrients

Tip: For an extra boost you can use a chocolate topping made from raw cacao nibs


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