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We sell Steigerwald with discount and have many recurring customers. Next day delivery in Holland and Belgium! Steigerwald is known as the brand for phytotherapeutic products. These products are part of the main denominator called “self help medicines”. The products consists of natural plants. These are phyto products, which means they are make of plants and herbs. If you need something extra to supplement with, phyto products are a great choice.

All products by Steigerwald are quality products that are scientifically based. They have excellent value for money and high-quality ingredients.
History & philosophy
In the year 1951, the company founded by Mr. Karl Megerle called ‘Steigerwald’ and located in Kitzingen was a reality. Already in the sixties, Steigerwald was one of the leading companies in the field of herbal medicine. In the first year the company had prepared more than 80 products, all systematically developed and optimized. From the start, the research is very important, followed by production and distribution of medicinal products. All products have active ingredients from nature, this is also the central part of the company’s philosophy. The company is known for its modern production processes and high quality standards.
Innovative products & investigations
Steigerwald has its own laboratory. Qualified employees work together with renowned universities and other research institutions domestic and abroad. Here they recieve a lot of knowledge of scientific investigations, studies and drug treatments. With this information they can inform: doctors, specialists and pharmacists about the latest developments in herbal medicine. In addition Steigerwald gives training lectures online and around the world, to pass on their knowledge how to best use their products.

Why Steigerwald?
  • Quality: standardized preparation according to adopted standards (GMP)
  • Insurance: Scientific substantiation, modern high concentrated extracts, whose safety has been established.
  • Efficacy: For more preparations based on clinical effectiveness studies or confirmed by the applications in accordance with monograph.
Steigerwald and artificial additives?
In addition Steigerwals prefers not to use unnatural substances such as chemical, allergens and fillers. The nutritional supplements in natural line of STEIGERWALD are therefore free from allergens, contain no synthetic help-and fillers and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Product questions
Question: are the products of Steigerwald scientifically based?
Answer: Yes, Steigerwald has its own laboratory and cooperates with other universities and research institutes in order to develop products that are scientifically based.
Question: what is the active ingredient of the product Laif 612 of Steigerwald?/div>
Answer: The main ingredient in “Laif 612” is St. John's Wort.
Question: It Is advisable to prior to using a product, to first read the leaflet?
Answer: Yes, this is definitely recommended. A product can contain ingredients where someone is sensitive to, whether it should not be used in combination with medication. Otherwise, check first your family doctor.
Question: I use the product Phytodolor of Steigerwald, when can I expect it is going to do its operation?
Answer: Phytodolor usually works within 10-14 days, provided that the stomach can tolerate it.
Question: what ingredients are used in the product Neuraphyt of Steigerwald?
Answer: Neuraphyt has the ingredients Valerian, passion flower and lemon balm.
Question: If I order Steigerwalt product, when do I receive them?
Answer: If you take a look at the following page, you can see when you can expect the product: shipping costs and deliveryAl
Question: May ‘Phytohustil cough syrup’ of Steigerwald be used by children?
Answer: Yes that's no problem. The dosage of Phytohustil for children is: 3-4 years 4 x p.d. 3 ml, 3-6 years 4 x p.d. 4 ml, 6-12 years 5 x p.d. 5 ml and from 12 years 3 to 6 times p.d. 10 ml. There are also Phytohustil throat pastilles of Steigerwald.

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