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Buy all Springfield products with discount and profit from next day delivery in Holland and Belgium. 1-4 days delivery in EU-countries! Christa en Peter van Hogerhuis are the founders of the brand Springfield. In 1998 they started with the development of unique nutritional supplements (nutraceuticals) with an added value. In the past 8 years Springfield has an important place in the market of special food supplements. We take the specific characteristics of components from our diet. This is the start point for us in order to develop high-quality nutritional supplements.
Nutrition is very important for our health. It has ingredients that contain properties to improve our condition, both physically and mentally. Springfield products are those that are purified from foods.

  • - Do not contain any synthetic or chemical substances.
  • - Can be used in addition to a daily diet.
  • - Products are manufactured and scientifically based.

Objective of Springfield
Springfield focuses on personal attention and the well-being of people. The founders of Springfield have chosen to inform professionals and customers about their products extensively. This way they can give an opinion and they are aware of the benefits and workings of Springfield supplements. Good health and keep a good health are an important objective of Springfield.

Springfield products scientifically based
Many supplements of Springfield have a scientific research behind it. Because there are many studies and scientific investigations done by doctors, nutritionists, therapists and pharmacists, these professionals can give detailed information back to Springfield. Results of use, experience are priceless for making even better supplements.

Product questions
Question: what are reasons to choose products of Springfield?
Answer: Springfield will spend a lot of time in research and focuses specifically on aspects of nutrition. So that the products of Springfield have the effect where the body needs it.
Question: do you have the whole range of Springfield?
Answer: Yes! We supply all products that Springfield sells in Netherlands. Sometimes the range ever change because a product goes out or there is a new product added. At the moment we sell 86 products.
Question: I am thinking about using fish oil capsules, Can I buy fish oil from Springfield?
Answer: Springfield has a range of products with fish oil. But they also sell several products with vegetable omega fatty acids such as: Springfield Teunisbloemolie. Echter voor een product rijk aan visolie en dus vetzuren is: Springfield Omegium
Question: I have read something about Cranaxil Pro (cranberry tablets) is that of Springfield?
Answer: you are right! This is indeed a product from the range of Springfield and contains a pure and natural extract of cranberries (Cranberries): Here a link to the product: Springfield cranaxil cranberry 500mg.
Question: my doctor said that I have a vitamin K deficiency, Springfield Has a supplement that can help me?
Answer: Springfield has a supplement with vitamin K2 in its products range: Springfield menaq7 vitamine K2. Dit supplement bevat menaquinone-7 (MK-7).
Question: I have been looking at Vitamin D3, but can not find it, does Springfield sells vitamin D3?
Answer: Springfield has multiple products with vitamin D3, however 2 products specifically with D3: a product with 1000 IU: Springfield vitamine D3 1000IU en 600IU: Springfield vitamine D3 600IU.
Question: Whey Protein, does it also contain lactose?
Answer: Springfield sells the product: Springfield Wei proteine 80% concentraat. This product contains whey protein concentrate 80%. This product is made of cow's milk and contains lactose.
Question: If I can't find a product on your website, means that you do not have the product?
Answer: I is always best to inform us if you cannot find a product. Sometimes products change name of are discontinued.
Question: I read that you have a pharmacy, is this correct?
Answer: we have indeed a druggist in service that can give you advice about self-help remedies and nutritional supplements.

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