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We sell all Sanopharm products in our online store! Profit from fast delivery in Holland and Belgium (next day delivery). 1-4 days in Other EU-countries. Since 1976 SanoPharm Netherlands delivers high-quality health products and food supplements. We also have a wide range of natural remedies for enzyme therapy, energetic therapy, homeopathy and herbal medicine. We only supply to professional practitioners, doctors, therapists, pharmacy or pharmacies & chemists.

Naturopathy is highly regarded by SanoPharm. Therefore SanoPharm is the main promoter of the SiVAS-method. Sivas stands for Subtle Interventions using the Vascular Autonomic signal. This is a method in which knowledge from the Western and Oriental views on health are in balance.

Product questions
Question: why should I when buying supplements for the brand SanoPharm choose?
Answer: If you are looking for high quality supplements, it is best to search for a brand that only delivers its products to professionals. Sanopharm is such a brand. Also if you are searching the knowledge and wisdom of the SiVAS method.
Question: Has also SanoPharm single supplements or Multi's?
Answer: Sanopharm is primarily a brand that believes in products in its purest form, they have no multivitamins, but only simplexen (products with only 1 active substance).
Question: why should I choose Sanopharm?
Answer: If you would like to use pure and natural products without artificial additives or synthetic fillers, then Sanopharm is a good brand for you.
Question: I am looking for a good vitamin C, has SanoPharm a vitamin C? If so, which one?
Answer: Sanopharm sells multiple products with vitamin C, however, are 2 products pure vitamin C products, called: Vitamine C 250mg bioflavonoïden 80mg en Vitamine c 500mg bioflavonoïden 50mg.
Question:. I'm looking for fish oil capsules, does Sanopharm this in their product range?
Answer: Sanopharm has a product line called "SanoPharm special" and this consists of a series of products with unsaturated fatty acids including Visolie capsules. Some other products are: Lem omega 3 en Teunisbloemolie 500mg.
Question: are the products of SanoPharm natural products?
Answer: Sanopharm has made it their mission to make their products as pure and natural as possible, as a result, her products contain no additives.
Question: what products of SanoPharm do you have on the site?
Answer: On our website we sell all products of Sanopharm! If you can't find a product, please contact us, it may be that they have just launched a new product or that a product had a name change.
Question: If I have ordered something from you, how can I pay?
Answer: If you ordered a product on our website, you can choose the payment method which you know and are comfortable with. We have the following secure payment methods: PayPal, Mister cash, Sofort, manual bank transfer (prepay).

Go to all sanopharm products!