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We sell Salus products with discount in our webshop. All products are in stock and we offer fast international shipping! People have very busy lifes. Bringing the children to school, work, activities and social activities. Moreover, the necessary stress and tension. Both physically and mentally we are severely tested. And that is why it is important to eat the right amounts of vitamins and minerals and other important nutrients available to you, to feel and to keep healthy and fit. In certain circumstances, such as sports, diets, elderly or pregnancy may need certain nutrients.

History of Salus
In 1961, the company founded by Mr. Salus-Haus Otto Greither SR. after the death of him and his wife, their son Otto Greither Jr. ran the company along with his brother. Salus is a Latin word and means health, well-being and flourishing. With this of motto Otto Greither Sr. high-quality natural products were created. The company is located in the German Bruckmülh near Munich. Their factory is equipped with the latest and most modern technology and with its own laboratory. Raw materials are stored in their own warehouse. Salus has complete quality control, from raw material to finished production. Well-being, healthy life and respect for nature are the concept of Salus. Therefore, the company produces Salus-Haus nutritional supplements on natural basis. The most famous Salus products are the Elixirs, herbal teas, tablets/capsules and vegetables.

The production process and strict quality control
The Salus herbal gardens are situated in the cleanest areas in the world. There are plants and herbs grown without artificial fertilizers and chemical pesticides. From there begins the strict selection of the raw materials. All products are organic! On arrival at the factory b the ingredients are tightly controlled throughout the production process and there are careful controls on purity and the content of active substances. They also has special techniques that ensure the preservation of the active ingredients or herbs.
All products by Salus comply with the latest scientific findings and adhere to strict GMP conditions. This is the highest quality assurance system.

Product questions
Question: I am interested in the product Floradix iron elixir of Salus, is their iron and vitamin B in it?
Answer: that is right, floradix ijzer elixer contains vitamins B1, B2, B6 and B12 and supplemental also vitamin c. these nutrients are added to promote the functioning of the product.
Question: on what basis is the product of ‘Saluvision’ created?
Answer: Saluvision is a natural product with a base of blueberries. In addition it also contains vitamin A and vitamin B2.
Question: I read that the products of Salus are easily digestible?
Answer: Salus makes maximum use of natural ingredients, which are well recognized by the body and therefore good.
Question: I have difficulty swallowing, does Salus has a liquid multivitamin for me?
Answer: Salus sells multiple products with artichoke in it. Click on the link for an overview of artichoke products .Question: how long can you keep a liquid product of Salus?
Answer: As Salus products contain natural ingredients, it is not years long lasting. Each product has its own shelf life, date listed on product. Salus recommend liquid products to keep in the refrigerator after use, so as to maximize the shelf life.
Question: If a product I've ordered from you who is not good, can I then return do and what are the evt. cost?
Answer: If a product or order does not arrive, then it is best to give notice of this to us by email, so we can look at the problem, think of a solution and report back to you.

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