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We sell all Royal Green products with discount. Profit from fast international delivery and next day delivery in Holland and Belgium. Would you like to enjoy life and stay healthy! Choose the 100% natural products of Royal Green. We choose the natural way. All products by Royal Green are always pure nature, as far as possible safe and organic certified. In addition, we use only very high quality ingredients. We support organic farms and sustainable agriculture all over the world!
Royal Green uses no chemicals, preservatives, synthetic sweet-or flavor, naturally gluten-free and is 100% vegetarian. We make it all from nature!

Why coconut oil by Royal Green?
  • - Maintaining all the good properties when heated
  • - No formation of harmful substances or free radicals.
  • - 100% biological
  • - Rich in lauric acid up to 56%
  • - Less calories
  • - Easily digestible
  • - Without trans fatty acids
  • - Production quality control
  • - 0% saturated fat
Delivering natural food supplements is very important for ROYAL GREEN. A supplement as close as possible to nature, thus closest to man. ROYAL GREEN is therefore always on the lookout for the best natural nutrients and trying to preserve them. Nutritional supplements of ROYAL GREEN for example, mainly contain vitamins in their most active form and minerals in natural, organic compounds that can be easily absorbed by the body. Exactly like in nature.
In addition ROYAL GREEN would rather not use unnatural substances such as chemical auxiliary substances and allergens. The nutritional supplements in the natural line of ROYAL GREEN are therefore free from allergens, contain no synthetic help-and fillers and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Product questions
Question: are the coconut oil products healthier than butter? If so, why?
Answer: a resounding Yes! Two main reasons are, that coconut oil especially when heated, preserves her good qualities. Butter contains a lot of saturated fats, which are worse for health. Also there is nothing added to the coconut oil, and butter often contains additional salt, sodium, stabilizers and emulsifiers. Royal Green is just 100% natural!
Question: are all products of Royal Green organic?
Answer: Products of Royal Green are at first always 100% natural. In addition, products are if possible also organic! Royal Green supports organic farmers and sustainable agriculture worldwide.
Question: why should I choose Royal Green?
Answer: If you want to use only natural or organic products as a matter of principle, or if out are vegetarian or you just want to buy quality products without additives in it. Then Royal Green the brand for you!
Question: If I want to order multiple products with you, is that possible?
Answer: Yes. You can order as much products as you like from Royal Green, but you can also order products products of 1500 other brands from us.
Question: Can i also get discount on your products?
Answer: we give standard discount on our entire product range, the discount varies between 10 and 25 percent, making us one of the cheaper Webshops.
Question: If a product is not good, can I send it back? What about return costs?
Answer: Yes products can be returned, for more information see: returns.

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