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“ Who will help me get rid of a stomach ulcer, without surgery " that was an ad that Rolf von den Baumen wrote in the Maasbode, a local newspaper. He got a lot of comments, tablets from America! That was the solution. Von den Baumen directly therefore decided to take action to get more people to help with stomach problems.
In the late 1930s he bought the right to manufacture medications himself. So in the 50 's he started producing stomach tablets and later products such as: Roter vitamin C and Paracetamol. Roter developed active and reliable means for self medication and takes care of supporting health products.

Product questions
Question: why should I choose products of the brand Roter?
Answer: Roter is a brand that is founded a very long time ago and still exists and has built up a good name in the Netherlands, a reliable brand! Roter sales both health products as self-help remedies. Something for everyone.
Question: what are actually self care medicines?
Answer: self care medicines are medicines that can be bought without a prescription. This means if you use them according to indications on the product, the risk of side effects is minimum. Unlike prescription medicines where supervision by a medical professional is required.
Question: I am looking for a pain reliever with a anti-inflammatory, is there a Roter product?
Answer: Roter APC is a combination of acetaminophen, acetylsalicylic acid and vitamin c. this product works both as anti-inflammatory and pain reliever: Roter APC
Question: are the Noscapect products for tickel cough also without prescription?
Answer: all products in our webshop are available without prescription, similarly Roter Noscapect, a product for cough. Read the leaflet carefully before use!
Question: If I have questions about products of the brand Roter, where can I go?
Answer: you can always get free advice, whether you are a regular customer or would like to order something for the first time with us. We can advise you about products or combinations of products. Please feel free and call or email us.
Question: how are the products packaged?
Answer: We are compliant to HACCP guidelines, where hygiene is of paramount importance. We also send all orders discreetly and well packed, so reach their destination undamaged.

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