Druggist Rutger Mulderij

Rutger Mulderij

Email: r.mulderij@voedingssupplementennederland.nl
Date of birth: 11-06-1980
Works for:: Triple M Business

Diploma: Register druggist registration
Diploma registration number: 70486151474011446
Digital copy registration druggist

Work activities:
Druggist, Customer service employee, Author

Citation: "I am happy to help you make a good choice when purchasing supplements and to provide additional information about a product or personal situation ".

I work as a druggist and help desk employee. I answer questions from customers about products, help make well-considered decisions and serve as a second opinion, if a customer needs it. I have a lot of experience in the drugstore and help people every day. In addition, I also work as a help desk employee in answering customer questions about orders and other non-drug related questions from customers. I answer the telephone, so do not hesitate to call.

In my private life I am also very concerned about my health and I am very interested in how the body works and I also exercise a lot and eat healthily. My interests fit in well with my daily activities for working at Voedingssupplementen Nederland.

Digital Diploma:
Digital Druggist diploma R. Mulderij