Quinoa breakfast recipe

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and with a hearty and nutritious breakfast to start the day with full of energy. Quinoa is a very high-protein superfood which looks suspiciously like corn, but is a seed from origin. As a result, quinoa contains no gluten and is therefore very suitable for people with celiac disease who do not eat gluten. Because quinoa a rice-like structure with a nice light nutty flavour, it is very versatile in use and you can use it in various dishes! A healthy, easy and tasty grain replacement! See here for our complete range of products.

Quinoa breakfast recipe ingredients

Within five minutes a super healthy and delicious breakfast can be put on the table! For this quinoa breakfast recipe the following ingredients are needed:
  • - 50 grams quinoa (available in our webshop)
  • - Hand of raisins (available in our webshop)
  • - walnuts (available in our webshop)
  • - Teaspoon cinnamon and honey
  • - 1 pear or other fruit of your choice. For example: Apple, banana and the like

Preparation quinoa breakfast:

  1. Cook the quinoa 10 to 15 minutes
  2. Meanwhile, Peel the pears and cut into pieces
  3. If the quinoa is almost ready, add the pears and raisins
  4. Let the pears cook, with it for a couples of minutes, so they get softer
  5. Put the mixture in a breakfast dish and add the cinnamon, honey and walnuts

Tip! Add as an additional topping cacao nibs for a delicious chocolate taste or chia seed to make your breakfast even more nutritious!

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