Quality products

Supplements Europe delivers more than 35000 products, of 1000+ brands. All of these brands are approved and registered trademarks. This ensures that all our products are of good quality and conform to safety requirements that are active within the European Union. Our customers only have to focus on which product is best suited to their needs.

GMP quality brand

Many supplements meet the GMP quality label. In order to be resold in the Netherlands and the EU, food supplements mich comply with strict requirements. Our products are safe to use, provided that the user follows the instructions on the product label.

Sport supplements

We sell some brands that are free of doping. Specially made for professional athletes! The brands we are talking about are:

  • Topsport series from Bonusan (NZVT)
  • Some products of Lamberts Healthcare
  • The brand Etixx (world wide sports brand)
  • Products from CHI