Pregnancy and supplements

Pregnancy these days is often associated with the use of food supplements. This is mainly because people increasingly eat outdoors or eat fastfood. Even fresh foods contain less nutrients as 20 years ago. Some additional support in the form of nutritional supplements is therefore often a good option!


During pregnancy many changes occur in the body of the woman. Also the intake of nutrients changes dramatically. They say that a woman must eat for two if she is pregnant, this is perhaps a little exaggerated, but a woman certainly needs more nutrients. Also because of hormonal changes, changes in taste occur, often resulting instrong needs to certain types of foods.

Use of supplements

During pregnancy it is crucial that the mother eats sufficiently to support both herself and her child. For example, the absence of essential nutrients, can negatively influence the development of the child. Important additions in the form of food supplements is often recommended because certain quantities of nutrients do not appear sufficiently in a daily diet. It is quite important that a women eats healthy, fresh and varied foods during pregnancy. Not done is continuing smoking and drinking of alcohol, this harms the child in his/her development. A lot of food supplements which are to be taken during pregnancy contain substances as extra vitamin D and folic acid. Some supplements provide these essential nutrients and other products are formulated to make life a little easier for the woman during this period.