Phytotherapy supplements

The phytotherapy supplements from our range of nutritional supplements are of high quality, standardized and are made from the best plants. These supplements contain extracts of various plants. This means that these products contain highly concentrated plantextracts, obtained by mixing fresh or dried plant parts with a suitable solvent such as water or alcohol. Phyto prodcuts have many active ingredients from platns.

What is phytotherapie?

Phytotherapy is based on the principle that plants contain substances which have an effect on human and animal health, and when these substances are applied in the right way. it may have a beneficial effect. These products have a high bio availability because they have a natural combination of nutrients from plants, easiy absorbed by the body. This in order to maintain optimum effect.

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In our webshop you will find various phytotherapy supplements of the best quality and purity. The supplements are available in various forms. You have the choice between capsules and liquid forms. We offer among other phytotherapy products of brands like as:

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Would you like to buy phytotherapy supplements? This can be done easily and quick in our webshop. We give our customers a competitive price-quality ratio so you never pay to much for your products. We deliver your order within 1 to 2 working days if you are located in The Netherlands or Belgium. If you have any questions, you can contact us. Our experienced specialists will gladly provide you with expert advice!

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