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Buy all your Pharma Nord products with discount. Easy ordering and fast shipping in EU- countries. Next day delivery in Holland and Belgium if you buy today before 20:30! Are you looking for nutritional supplements based on scientific research! Choose the brand Pharma Nord. Pharma Nord developes, manufactures and sells scientific (evidence-based) nutritional supplements, herbal remedies and medicines based on optimal biological availability, security and documentation.
Pharma Nord products are produced in Denmark. Phamra Nord is one of Europe's largest manufacturers of preventative nutritional supplements and herbal medicines. All products by Pharma Nord meet the strict Danish law. This legislation is the strictest legislation of Europe, so the products of a high and guaranteed level of quality.

History of Pharma Nord
The idea of Phamra Nord was to identify shortcomings in modern diet, and make nutritional supplements based on the knowledge of the shortcomings. So to make these supplements supplementing daily food intake. Eli Wallin and Sven Vegetable Grove founded Pharma Nord in 1982. They have started importing a British selenium product. This product is developed into the famous Bio-Selenium + Zinc, which is still a cornerstone of the range. All products by Pharma Nord have an optimal bioavailability and physiological functioning that is also the philosophy of Pharma Nord.

Science & quality
The research database of Pharma Nord is the cornerstone of its production development. It contains more than 8,000 scientific studies, articles and research, done with their own preparations. All this scientific data forms the basis for the development of new products or to adjust and improve. In addition, the company has more than 200 published studies done with own products. This is added to the database each time. Beside that Pharma Nord has its own research department, which works closely with doctors and scientists such as; Cardiologists, Oncology, periodontics, surgery, food technology.

The well-known quality logo
Pharma Nord is known worldwide for its distinctive "quality logo" thanks to this characteristic design, the Golden mortar and the openwork "peephole" . The characteristic packages with the golden or silver linings. It is for consumers, retailers and employees in the health care a recognizable product backed with thorough research, high bio-availability and security.

Pharma Nord specialty is quality, not only measurable, but can also felt!

Product questions
VraagThe product is Bio-Pharma Nord's easy to vitamin D3 in take?
Answer: Bio vitamine D3 is indeed very easy to take. This product comes in small capsules also called pearls.
Question: how many herbs does the product ‘Bio-30 Days’ of Pharma Nord contains?
Answer: the product Pharma Nord bio-30 days contains iodine, chromium and beta-glucans, 4 natural herbal extracts.
Question: what is the difference between Bio-melatonin and the Bio-Melatonin Complex?
Answer: Melatonine complex also contains melatonin 10 mg niacin.
Question: what is the recommended dosage of ‘BioActive red yeast rice’ by Pharma Nord?
Answer: the recommended dosage of BioActieve Rode Gist rijst is: 1 tablet a day.
Question: If I have questions about products of Pharma Nord, who can I contact?
Answer: If you have any questions about a product or order, then you can of course call us: 0528-31528-273013 273013 (NL) 00 (International) or email:

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