Orthiflor is the probiotics product line of Orthica. These products are high quality probiotics with good and active bacterial strains. Easy to order in our webshop and always fast delivery in Holland and Belgium. Profit from low prices! The high quality of Orthiflor makes sure for excellent effects and a good duration of these effects. Read about customer experiences and the more popular products like original 120, baby, basic and plus further down the text! The bacteria in Orthiflor are naturally found in the small intestine. These products are very suitable to take on a daily basis to supply the body of extra good bacteria. Orthica has a product for every fase in life, because during life the body changes many of its needs, the same goes for the bacterial needs of people throughout their lifes. The most popular product are Orthiflor Plus, Original and Basic, of which Plus is the most extensive probiotics with 10 different strains of good bacteria.

What is Orthiflor?

Orthiflor is in one word a probiotic. This is a product that contains live bacteria (micro-organisms) that are naturally found in our bodies. These products have the main function to supply the body with additional good bacteria, often in case when there is a shortage as a result of antibiotics or from medicine use. Orthiflor products are made stomach acid resistant so to better being able to pass this area.

Kinds of Orthiflor

Orthiflor start is the first product in line. It can be taken during the last 6 weeks of pregnancy till the baby is 1 year old. It gives mother and child the right amounts of good bacteria during this important fase in life. It comes in handy powder form and is easy to take by the baby. An excellent start for your child!


Orthiflor Basic is the most basic product in this product line with only 4 strains of bacteria. It is a product for everyday use and suited for most people. It contains the strains most people can use some extra of. It is just some extra support for ordinary life.


Orthiflor original contains 9 strains of bacteria. It is a very broad spectrum probiotics which supports the supply of many kinds of good bacteria. The product is especially suited for people who have a high need for multiple kinds of good bacteria. Most people buy Orginal 120 capsules.


Orthiflor Plus is the most complete probiotics from Orthica. It contains 10 different bacteria strains and gives the most broad support for people who lack in the right amounts of good bacteria. We often sell this product and have many recurring customers.


The body of seniors have their own specific bacterial needs. That is why there is Orthiflor 50+, which contains specific strains and dosages for people aged over 50. It gives the body of a 50 year old, all important micro-organisms that occur naturally in the body.


We hear a lot of customers having good experiences with the Orthiflor products. We haven't heard negative things about quality of effects of the products. Many customers that buy Orthiflor in our online webshop often are recurring customers for the same product. And many have bought these products for a number of years. Besides that not only the product experiences are positive but our customers are also positive about the broad range of products. The customers also give us a high rating on our service!

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