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Orthica has more than 25 years experience in the care for supporting people during the various life stages. Like a pregnant woman having other nutrient needs, than a man of 70 years old. Our goal is to provide support, when people need it the most. Different people at different life stages require different products. We have a comprehensive range for everyone.
Much knowledge and quality!
Orthica gained through the years a lot of knowledge by working with and sharing knowledge with dieticians, doctors and therapists. In addition they have put a lot of money and attention to research and the development of supplements. Not only are the products manufactured on the basis of the latest scientific knowledge and methods of production, but also of a high quality and safety. All products of Orthica comply with strict safety, quality and purity standards.
Free of synthetic preservatives and synthetic color, smell and taste substances
Orthica is eminently a company that gives much attention to the manufacture of natural products, hence orthica uses many natural ingredients for its products. There are no synthetic preservatives and synthetic color, smell and taste substances used in any of its products. Because of the natural origin of the products, sometimes the color of tablets can be subject to change. Of course this is no downside, and is only a natural phenomenon..

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We have a large team of specialists engaged to provide the best possible products. This is often a long process and very necessary, but we are pleased that we have from begin to end product, can monitor and manage everything in home, this allows us to monitor quality.
We are also in the possession of the HACCP certification. HACCP means that during the product development, raw material choice, the purchasing, the packaging process and the (final) control, our products are made in exactly the same way.

Product questions
Question: Does Orthica have high quality multivitamins?
Answer: Since Orthica only works with natural ingredients, these products are superior to most other supplements.
Question: I am looking for a broad range multivitamin for the whole family?
Answer: Orthica provides among others a multi-vitamin called "multi 4 all". This range of products is suitable for most people. This multi contains ingredients that general support. In addition there are also: "multi-one", "multi-max", "multi-woman" and "multi-child".
Question: Does Orthica have a high dosed vitamin C?
Answer: Orthica delivers 2 products which fall under this category. Known as the "Vitamin C1000" and "Vitamin C1500". The C1000 is there in ordinary and a slow release version (long-term operation). The C1500 is available only in slow release.
Question: I want my products from one brand, is this possible with Orthica?
Answer: Orthica is a brand, where you have lots of choice in products., 100% natural nutritional supplements. In addition, many of their products are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
Question: I am a women and looking for a multivitamin?
Answer: Orthica delivers multi-vitamins, specially made for woman. Called "multi-woman", there is also a multi for people aged over 50 called "multi 50+".
Question: If i order products, when do i receive them?
Answer: We deliver our products the Next day, when you life in Holland or Belgium. Other countries take a bit longer.
Question: Will the products be delivered to my home and discreetly?
Answer: Yes, products can be delivered to your home, if you wish and it is always discreetly packaged.

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