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We sell all Optimax products for low prices and have next day delivery in Holland and Belgium. 1-4 day delivery in EU countries! For more than 30 years, Optimax is known for its innovative health products for kids! These are natural products of high-quality quality and comply with the latest scientific insights. OPTIMAX is part of Vemedia b.v (trade in pharmaceutical products) constantly trying to improve their products.
  • - Natural product
  • - Products for young and old
  • - No artificial additives and processing aids
  • - Free of color, flavor and sweeteners
  • - Free from allergens, so no yeast, lactose and gluten
  • - Suitable for vegetarians
  • - Products are safe and suitable for long-term use
Because children are busy with school and other activities it is sometimes tricky to give them healthy nutrients. Still, this is very important! That is why Optimax develops special products for growing children based on the life phase. Just gives something extra!
It should be fun for the kids! Therefore there are chewable capsules and chewable bears in different flavours, Orange, cherry, raspberry etc.
Would you be assured of consistent quality and high quality products, you choose Optimax! OPTIMAX products meet the stringent HACC requirements. That is to say that the quality of the products are guaranteed.

Product questions
Question: When is the best time to take nutritional supplements?
Answer: the best time to take nutritional supplements depends on the supplement. A multi can best be taken during or after a meal. Amino acids you can best be taken on an empty stomach, where it is recommended not to eat within 2 hours. For specific information you may want to look at the instructions on the product packaging.
Question: Can i use this product during pregnancy?
Answer: this FAQ has multiple facets. If a product can be used during pregnancy then this is often indicated on the packaging. Of course, at all times it is advised to first consult the GP or other medical specialist.
Question: what products of Optimax do you deliver?
Answer: we supply all products of Optimax, which are available on the Dutch market. At the moment we sell 58 products by Optimax.
Question: why should I buy Optimax products from you?
Answer: first of all, we sell the whole range at low prices, so you can buy online from our webstore. In addition, we package our products discretely.
Question: If I have questions about Optimax products, who can i speak to?
Answer: if you have questions, please contact us by chat or email.

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