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We sell all Nutriphyt supplements for affordable prices (standard discount!). We have next day delivery in Holland and Belgium and 1-4 delivery in EU-countries. Our webshop is very easy to navigate and we get a high customer rating!

Nutriphyt is a Belgian supplements company that was founded in 2002 by Drs. Gabriel Dean. Nutriphyt has close contact with universities, to get innovative ideas and investigates these ideas. Our products are produced using the latest scientific findings and on the basis of nutrients and plant substances. Nutriphyt spent a lot of attention and effort to Research and Development of new products. Our nutritional supplements are made of natural substances and are standardised.

The power of Nutriphyt!

Drs. Gabriëls Devriendt is owner of Nutriphyt. He has studied biology at the University of Ghent and specialized in Botany. For more than 20 years, he has worked various medical specialties. The last 10 years as a University product specialist in Oncology. In recent years he has focused more on medicine, developing and researching innovative composite nutritional supplements.

Professional products!

Drs. Gabriëls Devriendt is manager of Research & Nutriphyt's Development. He does research and testing of products, this is all done before a product is released onto the market. Because Nutriphyt receives information for specialists, pharmacists, physicians and paramedics, they can be improve products or make new products because of new insights. It should then also comply with applicable quality and safety standards. Nutriphyt gives lectures to specialists in Belgium and Netherlands in order to share knowledge about their products and future developments.
Nutriphyt uses no chemical or synthetic additives or adjuvants and is free of allergens. This is carefully checked!

The assortment of Nutriphyt

  • Adroxir, Glucomix, Master – AO, Vacramal
  • Atrisol, Green thee mints, Mucoperm, Zibofen
  • Chryssil, Imuglucan, Omarin
  • Curmac, Iso – XX, Pediaperm
  • Deczesol, Lacophar, Prostaxen
  • Femoxir, Lacophar pediatrie, Prostadidil
  • Fertility man, Linidol, Qualisperm
  • Fertility vrouw, Linusit, Tendosol

Product questions
Question: are the vitamins of nutriphyt of high quality?
Answer: nutriphyt does a lot of research into basic ingredients and the application of the latest scientific insights. nutriphyt belongs to the top of the supplement industry.
Question: Does Nutriphyt also Delivers comprehensive multivitamin with minerals?
Answer: nutriphyt has multiple multis in its range, such as: 101 en 102 multi basis, 105 one daily en 106 multi zwangerschap.
Question: are there nutriphyt products for children?
Answer: nutriphyt provides specifically for children: 108 multi basic junior. A comprehensive multi for children.
Question: Why nutriphyt?
Answer: because of the consistent quality of their products and they have a large range of over 200 products.
Question: why should I buy my nutriphyt products here?
Answer: because we can supply the full range of nutriphyt quickly, at low prices. In addition, you can quick order with our simple 3 step order process.
Question: If I order nutriphyt products, when will I receive it?
Answer: all of our products we deliver within 1 to 4 working days. But i can depend on the country from where you order. On the website you can find this information.
Question: why are the products so expensive, compared to the Etos or supermarket?
Answer: the price is higher because nutriphyt products are made of natural ingredients, which work much better and are better absorbed in the body. Products from the supermarket and Etos are often synthetic, pretty cheap, but their workings are often very moderately.

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