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NOW Foods

NOW Foods is an important player in the world of supplements. The company is founded in 1968 and is family owned since. NOW is keeps itself busy with innovation and research. NOW is one of the oldest supplement company and has a lot of knowledge.

Large assortment

NOW has a very large range of products, and the range has become bigger and bigger, with additions such as foods and superfoods and sports products. There are around 1400 products.

48 years of experience

During it's 48 year life, NOW Foods is one of the market leaders and produces superior products according to the latest scientific insights.

Good price/quality ratio

NOW Foods produces high quality products for a very reasonable price!

Product questions
Question: Are NOW Vitamins of high quality?
Answer: NOW makes excellent products and has much experience in the field of supplements.
Question: I am looking for a good multivitamin, can you help me?
Answer: NOW makes a few very powerful and broad range multivitamins like: 7225 eco green multi (groene multi), 7250 prenatal caps, 7022 Special Two.
Question: Are there NOW products for kids?
Answer: NOW Foods has several products for kids. Often with tasteful chewing tablets.
Question: Why choose for NOW Foods?
Answer: They have a very large assortment and high quality products for a good price!
Question: When do i receive my products if i order today?
Answer: This depends on where you live. In Holland and Belgium we have a next day delivery! In EU countries 1-4 days. And longer for countries outside the EU.

Go to all NOW Foods products!