NOW Kandillon 90vc

NOW Kandillon 90vc

NOW Kandillon 90vc

Now Kandillon is a combination with Natural Pau d'Arco, oregano oil, caprylic and Black Walnut. It also contains a number of other herbs in the form of garlic and cats claw. Kandillon is a high-quality supplement that is rich in many natural and biologically active nutrients. A potent combination of some of the most used herbs in the world.

Now Kandillon contains high-quality herbal extracts, which are merged into ratios and doses determined on the basis of scientific knowledge. NOW is a very large producer of food supplements and is sold worldwide. The product is suitable for everyday use.

Take 2 times per day 1-2 Vcaps with water. The nutrients are best recorded together with a meal.

Contains per daily dose of 2 Vcaps:



2000 mcg


Caprylic (magnesiumcaprylaat)

500 mg

Pau d'Arco (Tabebuia impetiginosa) (inside bark)

300 mg

Black Walnut (Juglans Nigra) (cap)

300 mg

oregano oil (Origanum vulgare) (min. 1.75% volatile substances)

200 mg

garlic Allium sativum () (Bol)

5 mg

Olive Leaf (Olea europaea)

5 mg

Cats Claw (Uncaria tomentosa) (root)

5 mg

Absinthe Wormwood (Artemisia Absinthium)

5 mg

*ADH = recommended daily amount

herbs, Fatty Acid, Hydroxy Propyl methyl cellulose, mineral, Silica, Vitamin, Walnootdop, (nuts).

Allergens Information
contains nuts.

Now, USA
Exclusive Distributor:
VitOrtho bv
Laan van de Waal Port 323
2497 GL Den Haag

This product is a food supplement.

Do not exceed recommended dose.

A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important. A dietary supplement is not a substitute for a varied diet.

Keep out of reach of young children.

Store dry, covered and keep at room temperature, unless otherwise advised on the label.

Consult an expert before using supplements in case of pregnancy and lactation, drug use and disease.

Author: R. Mulderij
Checked by: J. Mulderij
Copyright year: ©2015-2019

Image Rutger Mulderij

Rutger is a druggist (medical advisor) at VSN and is happy to help customers with questions. He has many years of experience as a druggist, author and as a customer service representative.





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NOW Kandillon 90vc

NOW Kandillon 90vc

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