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We sell ALL Modifast products in our webshop. Very easy to find your products and always with discount! Next day delivery in Holland and Belgium and 1-4 days delivery for EU-countries! We ship worldwide. Modifast is part of a group called Nutrtition & Santé. Experts that specialize in natural foods. It is ' the ' market leader in nutritional foods, health nutrition and sports nutrition. " What we eat affects our health" that has been the idea behind Nutrtition & Santé for 30 years . Therefore N & S developed innovative products including Modifast that connects to our daily nutritional needs. With extra attention to health and naturalness!
Vision and naturalness
N & S has chosen for strictly selected raw materials i.e. non treated grains, non genetically modified soy, quality flour and limited use of dyes and preservatives. In addition, N & S focuses on recyclable packaging, on environmental effects of their products and the use of its products. Through optimal control of production and the naturalness of our ingredients. Food safety is highly regarded at N & S with all this you can deliver a total quality product.
Modifast's mission
Right from the beginning N & S has chosen to only develop products that deliver real nutritional value and that progress. Creating foods with a high added value is the Mission of diet Nutrition & Santé!
Modifast goes for quality!
All our products undergo a strict quality control in terms of taste, nutritional value and organic certification during the manufacturing process. N S controls the complete production cycle of & the selection of the ingredients all the way to the final product.
The right balance is balance between nutrition and health !!

Product questions
Question: why should I choose Modifast products?
Answer: Modifast has a good reputation in The Netherlands and has a very extensive and tasty assortment. Modifast products are easily combined with many different diets.
Question: what is a BMI value?
Answer: BMI stands for "Body Mass Index" and is an indication for underweight and overweight. You calculate the BMI as follows: (weight in kilograms)/((length in centimers) * (length in centimers)). You devide your weight in kilograms by your height in centimers quare. Is the number 22.5 your are perfect. Below is underweight and above indicates overweight.
Question: what are Modifast intensive products?
Answer: Modifast intensive is a special form of diet products, in which the total number of calories that you get equals 500 kcal. However you will get all the necessary vitamin, minerals, trace elements and proteins you need on a daily basis. These products belong to an intensive form of diets.
Question: If I have questions about products of Modifast, who can i contact
Answer: As a customer please contact us if you have product questions or want some personal advice. You can call us or send an email. Emails are usually answered within 24hrs.
Question: what products of Modifast do you sell?
Answer: We sell all products that are sold of Modifast in the Netherlands, at the moment we sell 39 different products.
Question: If I order products from you, will I get discount?
Answer: we want to treat everyone equal, so we give a standard discount on all products. That why are products have competitive pricing. We have a standard discount of 10-25%. De actual discount depends on the margin of the product. Also you will get a discount code for an extra discount of 2.5%, for your next order.

Go to all Modifast products!