General information minerals

What are minerals?

Minerals are just as vitamins, chemical compounds that the body needs to function. There are more similarities between minerals and vitamins than most people think. Both are important for many processes within the body.

Difference between minerals and vitamins

The big difference between minerals and vitamins is that minerals from dead objects, mostly from the earth. Vitamins are from living nature, like plants, trees, fruits and vegetables. The consequences of this are that minerals cannot be produced in the body. People and also animals are dependant on foods to get their intake of minerals.

However it has not been scientifically proven that all minerals are essential for the proper functioning of the body.

Minerals and trace elements

There is a division within the spectrum of minerals, as you have minerals and trace elements. The difference between the two is the quantity that the body needs on a daily basis. Trace elements are also simply minerals, but needed in much smaller quantities. Examples of trace elements are copper, selenium and molybdenum