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Metagenics is a giant on the food supplements market, they are as number 1 supplier of supplements in America, New Zealand, Benelux and Australia. Metagenics is founded in 1989, however it was called Biodynamics back then. Today it has grown into a world supplier of food supplements.
Innovation and science are concepts in which Metagenics is very familiar. New insights from science and methods, contribute to promoting the quality and operation of the products. Metagenics develops its products for Europe in the Netherlands.


Metagenics has a mandate to help people and supply products for a healthier and happier life, to fully achieve the genetic potential of people. We focus on the professional market and not on the regular stores, so that you are very well informed about our products!
Research department!
Metagenics has its own scientists and research departments, where research is being done to make better ways to fabricate supplements. Focus on the development of better ways to include and preserve nutrients. All this research is done at Meta Proteomics, our own biotechnology company.
Why buy Metagenics?
First it is one of the best manufactuers in supplements. Second a wide range of groundbreaking nutritional supplements, of high quality and purity.

Product questions Metagenics
Question: I am a women and looking for a good multivitamin
Answer: Metagenics makes with its multivitamins distinction between men, women, children and adults. For a women there is: Multigenics Femina. For Men: Multigenics, for children: Multigenics junior and for adults: Multigenics ado.
Question: Why choose for Metagenics?
Answer: Metagenics has many unique products, so you have a lot of choice and get everything you need from the same brand. Also this is one of the highest classed supplements on the market often used by professionals.
Question: I am looking for a vegetarian product with vitamins and minerals?
Answer: Metagenics provides two products that have a large range of vitamins and minerals from algae. Known as the "Spirulina pacifica" and "chlorella".
Question: I am looking for a high dosed vitamine D3 supplement, what do you recommend?
Answer: Metagenics delivers a high dosage vitamin D3, called: Vitamin D3 1000IE stands for International Units.
Question: Why buy my products in your webshop?
Answer: We sell many good brands of supplements against affordable prices, so you do not pay retail prices. We also have a fast delivery and sell worldwide.

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