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We sell all Mattisson products in our webshop. Easy ordering and secure payment. Fast international shipping and Next day delivery in Holland and Belgium whe you order before 20:30. Everyone has the need to be healthy, and go through life, vital and energetic. But in a natural and responsible way. That is why Mattisson produces high quality Super food, nutritional supplements and Healthcare products. The products contain 100% natural foods that suits a diet or healthy lifestyle. Mattisson has a complete line of products.

Composite products: These products can help you to enrich your diet in a healthy way with important nutrients.

Individual products: Superfoods, Superfruits, SuperGreens, Superherbs, SuperJuice, Super Seeds & Oils en Super proteins.

Raw Foods (Biologisch): Are rich in high-quality nutrients and antioxidants and are mainly of vegetable origin.

Superfood en Raw food

These are foods with the right nutritional value and possess extra healthy properties. It contains large concentrations of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids. Superfood is a collective name for a set of edible plants and fruits that are rich in essential nutrients. Think of wheat grass, hemp seed, raw Cacao, coconut oil, Goji berries and Maca.

Raw food:

Raw food means that the product has not been heated above the 38-40 degrees Celsius. This is not a diet but a lifestyle that is very old. In the 70 's raw food was very in Europe very. Super food is all about minerals, vitamins and amino acids.

Raw food consists of:

A Full, fresh, raw, plant-based diet. These include fruits, nuts, seeds, sprouted grains & beans, algae seaweed and wild plants. Also raw fish such as herring or cold smoked salmon. It is food from nature!!!

Advantages of Superfoods and Raw food:
  • - Free from artificial smells, tastes and conservatives.
  • - 100 % Biological.
  • - Free of animal proteins or fats.
  • - Not genetically manipulated.
  • - Contains high nutritional value.
  • - Free from pesticides, chemicals and hormones (growth).

You can use all these natural foods in smooties and shakes. Yyou can make delicious recipes, as well as a delicious lunch or snack, there are many possibilities.

Product questions
Question: what ingredients are in the product ‘Absolute Royal Jelly 1000mg’ of Mattisson?
Answer: Absolute Royal Jelly contains Royal jelly also, soybean oil, soy lecithin, Silicia Colloidal, sunflower oil and gelatin for the capsule.
Question: in what ways can I use the Absolute Lucuma powder Raw?
Answer: Lucuma powder has a sweet and vanilla-like flavor and can thus be used for dishes or snacks with a sweet flavor.
Question: I see many products with Chlorella (vulgaris), what is Chlorella?
Answer: Chlorella is a single-cell green water algae and belongs to the family of green algae. Chlorella from Mattisson is full of vitamins and minerals. It is a 100% natural variant of a multivitamin.
Question: When should I take the mangosteen juice blend of Mattisson?
Answer: you can take Mangosteen juice blend best once a day and then a half hour before meals.
Question: Does Mattsisson also has coconut oil for baking & cooking? If so, which one?
Answer: Yes! Mattisson is well known for its coconut oil products. coconut oil virgin.
Question: what does the hemp protein powder by Mattisson do? And why is there hemp protein?
Answer: because there are many people who cannot tolerate animal protein, therefore Mattisson sells vegetable protein powder: vegetable protein powder . This protein powder is made from hemp seeds.
Question: If I buy one or more products with you by Mattisson, do I get a discount?
Answer: no matter how much you buy, you get always standard discount. If you want to order large quantities, you can contact us directly via chat, email of phone. We will than see about an additional discount.

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