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Alpha lipoic acid 250mgbetaine hcl pepsinbiotin 500mcgco-enzyme q10 100mg


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History and market position
Lamberts healthcare is an international brand and is a leader in the field of food supplements. Lamberts was founded in 1982 and is a market leader in the United Kingdom (UK). Lamberts is both active in the professional market as well as the normal supplement market.
Professional quality
All food supplements which Lamberts sells are developed by professionals in the orthomolecular medicine branche. You will be assured of supplements of high quality and the best ingredients available. Most Lamberts products are higher dosed than your average concentration of supplements. The reason is that the active ingredients in our products, are added in relevant quantities (supported by research)
Lamberts spends a lot of attention to research for finding better methods and new insights to produce the best products. Investigation of doses is very important as the dosage often is decisive for the effects and the desired result. Lamberts works a lot with hospitals in the UK and so gets lots of feedback from its customers and from professional, to make their products even better.. The philosophy of Lamberts is that everything starts with science and dosage.
Lamberts distinguishes itself in addition as one of the few companies that is also invested in clinical research. Lamberts is in the United Kingdom than connected to several hospitals, here by getting a lot Lamberts knowledge and insight.

No artificial additives (100% natural):

Many nutritional supplements are equipped with artificial additions, Lamberts products contain only natural ingredients. Products of Lamberts are free of sugar, gluten, cereals and milk products.
Product questions
Question: I am looking for high quality products, is Lamberts the brand for me?
Answer: Yes, Lamberts does a lot of research and it also focuses on the professional market, making them very knowledgeable. This Knowledge is translated into the food supplements for the consumer.
Question: Do Lamberts products contain artificial additives?
Answer: Lamberts follows the mandate that its products are as natural as possible. The products contain no artificial additives and in addition the most products contain no: sugar, cereals, milk products and gluten.
Question: I am looking for a child multivitamine?
Answer: Lamberts has in its range a multivitamin specially dosed and formulated for children. Known as "Lamberts multi guard for kids".
Question: I am looking for a high dosed vitamin C?
Lamberts provides some qualitative supplements in this category, both normal and time release versions and up to a dose of 1500mg. Known as the "Vitamin c time 500mg", "Vitamin c 1000tr" and "Vitamin c1500tr".
Question: Why choose for Lamberts?
Answer: Lamberts stand first place in the market of food supplements and distinguishes itself in the field of knowledge and quality. In addition, its brands have no artificial additives.
Question: Can i order all Lamberts products at your store?
Answer: Yes, we sell all products that Lamberts sells in the Netherlands.
Question: I want to order my products now, when do i receive them?
Answer: We deliver products in The Netherlands and Belgium the Next day. Foreign countries depend, often 3-4 days.

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