Vitamins for kids

The health of your child is of course paramount. By means of a healthy and varied diet and lifestyle can you ensure that your child takes sufficient vitamin and mineral on a daily basis. Unfortunately, children has a natural disgust with (sweet) fruit which makes it not always easy for a child to get sufficient good nutrients. That is why we have at our health store a comprehensive range of vitamins for children! Especially during the early years it is important that kids get sufficient vitamins and minerals because of their growth and developmental stage. Children who have eaten better in their younger years live healthier lives in greneral.

Large range of kids vitamins

Our online store contains a wide range of supplements with special vitamins and minerals for kids! These vitamins for kidsare fully adapted to the needs of the body of your child. All supplements are extensively tested on safety and effects and so are safe for children. Our food supplements come in different forms and delicious flavors. This makes it easier to use for children and as pleasant as possible! When your child has problems with swallowing, we have many tasty chewable tablets with delicious flavors like: Animal parade multi cherry en Animal parade multi mixed fruit or a liquid product with a nice flavor like: Animal parade baby plex

Our vitamins for kids are manufactured by trusted sources like:

Questions about supps for kids?

If you have questions about our vitamins for children we would be happy to give you advise or information, like which supplement is most suitable for your child? Do not hesitate and contact our customer service. Our experts will gladly provide you with advice! They can also give other personal advice tailored for your child. We ensure your privacy and so send our products discreetly.