Druggist Jim Mulderij

Jim Mulderij
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Email: j.mulderij@voedingssupplementennederland.nl
Date of birth: 14-09-1982
Works for: Triple M Business

Diploma: Register druggist registration
Diploma registration number: 97383931383215605
Digital copie druggist registration

Work activities:

Druggist, Customer service employee, Author

Citation: "I am ready to assist our customers and assist you in making an informed decision. I'm excited!".

Since a few years I have been working for Voedingssupplementen Nederland. I hold several positions including customer service representative (chat) and Druggist. Via chat I answer questions concerning products, give information about products and I help customers make informed decisions. Questions regarding orders are mainly done via telephone. The chat has the advantage that it is less personal, something that some customers see as a benefit, since many questions are of a personal nature and then anonymity is great!

In my private life I am very concerned about health and I try to eat as healthy as possible. I also use a range of supplements myself and try to exercise whenever possible. I am very interested in the human body and mind and my daily work fits in well with my personal interests.

Digital Diploma:
Digital Druggist diploma J. Mulderij