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All Hanoju products with discount. Easy to order in our online store and profit from discount and fast international shipping! Our diet has changed a lot in recent years. Most diets do not contain sufficient nutrients that we need. A lot of people do not have time or make time to cook a meal themselves. That is why Hanoju developed biological and superfoods products. These natural products are of pure quality and consist of highly concentrated extracts. In addition, Hanoju uses for its products natural raw materials from organic certified cultivation. The motto of Hanoju is ' Closest to nature '.
The products of Hanoju are known for its tasty juices, Bio-products, Superfoods, different types of mushrooms and dried fruits. Are all free from: Preservatives, artificial coloring and fragrances and other artificial additives.

Organic foods meet certain requirements in terms of environment, nature and landscape, animal welfare and production methods. 100% natural products, derived from animals or plants.
  • - Without chemical pesticides, preventive antibiotics and fertilizer.
  • - Are subject to strict controls by Skal.

These are foods with the right nutritional value and possess extra healthy properties. It contains large concentrations of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids. Superfood is a collective name for a set of edible plants and fruits that are rich in essential nutrients.
  • - Contains high nutritional value.
  • - Free from pesticides, chemicals and hormones (growth).

Hanoju and quality marks
Biological products are every popular in The Netherlands, the last couple of years, at the popularity is still increasing. It is therefore important that the production process of these products are according to legal requirements and standards. The European authorities(EU) determines these rules. The independent organization Skal monitors organic production in the Netherlands. They do this through inspection and certification, so when a company follows the rules according to the prescribed regulations, only then will It be an official organic product.

Product questions
Question: I saw the product Bio Acai extract powder, What is Acai?
Answer: Acai is a Berry, native to Brazil, Peru and Suriname. It is a dark blue to purple fruit and is seen as a Super fruit! Because of its high concentration of good nutrients, including vitamins and minerals .
Question: can vegetarians also use the Organic Aloe Vera juice?
Answer: Yes! Vegetarians and vegans can use bio aloe vera juice since no animal products are processed in this product.
Question: Does the ‘alpha-lipoic acid’ contain artificial additives?
Answer: Het product Alfa Lipoic acid 400mg contains no artificial additives. Only alpha-lipoic acid and cellulose for the capsules.
Question: I am looking for a Co enzyme Q10 supplement, Hanoju which also has in its range?
Answer: Hanoju has 1 coenzym q10 in its range called Co-enzyme Q10 30mg
Question: Do mushrooms also Contain vitamins and minerals?
Answer: mushrooms are very rich in nutrients. Most mushrooms have both vitamins and minerals. Overview mush room products.
Question: does Hanoju produce barley grass only in tablet form or also in another form?
Answer: Hanoju has several fresh barley grass products. See gemalen gerstegras en biologische gerstegras.
Question: can I have my order delivered to a different address?
Answer: If you want your order being delivered to a different address? No problem! We ship all packages discreet, so only you know what is in the package..
Question: my order is not complete, what do I do now?
Answer: If an order is not correct or complete, then you can contact us via our contact page. Or you can chat with us.

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