Hair loss information

In our lives, looks are a very important part of our social acceptance. Beautiful and shiny hair plays a major factor in our appearance and how people precieve use. However, not everyone has the same quality of hair. Their are many kinds of hair. We have supplements to support the hair with good nutrients.

Hair loss

Many men and some women have more than average hair loss, this can be caused by a hereditary factor or by the quality of food that you eat. Testosterone is the main factor why many early in life are affected with hair loss. Eating fresh foods each day and eating less meats can improve the loss of hair, because certain processed food may contain hormones.

Supplements for your hair

In our webshop we sell food supplements with different purposes. There are supplements which influence the condition of hair with good nutrients. Also supplements which promote the hair growth, specially for people with a thin hair line.

Tip. If you experience hair loss, determine the cause before you buy a food supplement, because in heriditary cases a supplement cannot do much! In case of poor nutrition or stress related hair loss, the possiblities are better.