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Gehwol Foot Soft Balm 75ml

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Gehwol Foot Soft Balm 75ml



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Gehwol Foot Soft Balm 75ml

Empyreumatic feet, for example after a day of shopping, Gehwol Foot Soft- Balm is like a real breath of fresh air for your feet.It has a balanced composition of refreshing and protective components and also contains moisture regulating substances which regulates the degree of humidity of the skin. Natural Peppermint Oil and menthol refresh for tired, burning and heavily loaded feet. This feeling of refreshment and cool stays on long. Gehwol Foot Soft Balm protects the skin against itching and is soothing and softens pain. Freshness and care for feet and legs.

  • In case of a burning sensation of (strong) loaded feet
  • Protects, refreshes and cools long-term
  • With Natural Peppermint Oil and menthol

What is in it?

Asian mint oil (menthol and menthylacetaat), ethereal oils of chamomile, lavender, rosemary and valerian geranium and auxiliary substances.

Instructions for Use

1-2 times a day thin and lightly downward.

Side Effects

In very rare cases there may be a sensitivity to the product.

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