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    Wheatgrass powder 
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    Wheat grass powder

    Wheat grass powder is made of young wheat. This superfood is very popular with health consious people. It is not the most popular or best known Superfood, but it is a great product with lots of good nutrients, the body needs daily! The wheat plant is one of the oldest known plants in the world. In the growth phase it has a unique composition with almost everything our body needs to remain in good health and vitality. Wheat grass powder contains many good nutrients like natural vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, amino acids and healthy fatty acids. It contains almost all nutrients the body needs. We sell a large range of freeze-dried wheat grasses. It can be used in many ways like adding it to juices, smoothies and shakes. But also as a complement to breakfast muesli/cereals. Please take a look in our health store and profit from great prices!