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    100% natural Buckwheat products full of great nutrients. Unlike wheat and barley, buchwheat is not a grain but a fruit This makes this a good and health alternative to your daily intake of grains. Buckwheat is a great option for people who do not tollerate grains and gluten! This plant comes from China where it has been eaten for centuries. Nowadays it is grown in many countriesin the Netherlands buckwheat. The fruit of the buckwheat plant resembles grains, but it is not! It is processed in products such as bread, pancakes and cake. Buckwheat is rich in carbohydrates, high fiber, vitamin B2 and B6 and various minerals including magnesium. You can almost make anything with this fruit and it is often bought in our webshop by people who are gluten sensitive and people who focus on living healthy lives! Please take a look at our products and experience the high quality!