General enzyme information

What is an enzyme?

Enzymes are proteins, each with its own chemical composition. Enzymes are substance within the body that accelerate many reactions within the body. These enzymes are important because the body is not warm enough to start many reactions on its own. Enzymes are also known as the catalysts of the body.

Functions of enzymes

Enzymes initiate reactions within the body and help to accelerate active reactions. An important characteristic of enzymes is that they are an active part of reactions in the body, but the enzymes themselves are not consumed during the proces and do not in terms of chemical composition. An enzyme can therefore participate in multiple reactions.

There are different types of enzymes, each with their own chemical composition, that ensures that each enzymatic reaction is specific. What means that not every reaction in the body can be activated by the same enzyme. Enzymes are created by the body itself, of proteins and sometimes also of vitamins. We also get enzymes from plant based foods.

Kinds of enzymes

The body has different types of enzymes with each their own important functions in the body. Everyone has heard of the term digestive enzymes, such as lipase and amylase, two natural occuring digestive enzymes. However there are two other types of enzymes. Called Metabolic and supply enzymes. Metabolic enzymes have influence on the metabolism of the body.