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Buy Elvitaal with discount in our online store! Profit from fast international shipping and next day delivery for Holland and Belgium! Are you looking for a natural food supplement? Go for Elvitaal products. These supplements are mostly made with vegetable and vegetarian capsules. These capsules come from a natural plant fiber, cellulose. Therefore the capsules of Elvitaal are excellent suitable for vegetarians and vegans, with the exception of the oil capsules. These are not vegetarian. At Elvitaal they use as little fillers and additives as possible, and in case it is needed, they use cellulose.

Quality products
As has been already indicated, Elvitaal does a lot with natural nutrients. In addition, they spend quite some time on the quality of their products and expose their products to rigorous tests. The range of food supplements of Elvitaal comply with all European regulations. In addition, all products are GMP approved. Elvitaal also does a lot of research in order to improve its existing products and new products.
Elvitaal does not use unnatural and chemical additives in their products. Elvitaal has also a line of products free of allergens, there so called ‘natural line’. The nutritional supplements in natural line of Elvitaal are therefore free from allergens, contain no synthetic help-and fillers and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. This can be said of almost all nutritional supplements in the wide range of Elvitaal , it should be said that in the course of 2012 all products will be converted to their ‘natural line’.

Product questions
Question: are the proteins of Elvitaal also vegetable? And in what flavors are they available?
Answer: Elvitaal has Pea protein, in vanilla and chocolate flavor. They are entirely vegetable and contains no dairy, gluten or cholesterol.
Question: is the product SeniorMAX 50 + Multi also including a form of Q10? If so which one?
Answer: no, This is not added to SeniorMAX 50 + Multi. Elvitaal has some other products with Q10. See the range or contact our drugstore: 0528-273013.
Question: How can I best use Caprylic acid of Elvitaal?
Answer: the recommended dosage of Caprylic acid of Elvitaal is 1 capsule 2 times daily. Take it with adequate water.
Question: does the product for kids, called ‘JUMBOO's kids multi’, made with natural sweeteners?
Answer: Yes ‘JUMBOO's kindermulti’ had a natural sweetener called Stevia.
Question: can I use the product vitamin K2 + D3 with my daughter, who is 4 years old?
Answer: the product vitamin K2 + D3 contains amounts of vitamin D which is only suitable for children from 1 to 6 years.
Question: I would actually like to have some more information about the product ‘Serrapeptase’ of Elvitaal, where can I get this information?
Answer: you can always chat with us online, call us at 0528-273013 or email: info@voedingssupplementennederland.nl us, with questions about products.
Question: If I order a product with you, how long does it take before I get my package delivered?
Answer, if you go the the following page: you can find out the delivery duration: shipping costs and delivery

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