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Davitamon vitamins

Davitamon has been known for a long time in Holland. We sell Davitamon for affordable prices and have fast delivery in Holland and Belgium, next day! Davitamon was founded in 1928 and has been with us for almost 90 years!

Davitamon vitamins and minerals

In 1928 there were only 2 products, these days Davitamon has a large assortment with products for every age group like pregnant women, kids, 50+ and more!

Davitamon and science

Davitamon develops it's own products and has many scientist to improve their products and make sure their are conform the latest proven scientific knowlegde. All the products are made with the highest care to make the best products possible.

Buying Davitamon!

We sell all products from Davitamon and so you have much choice in products. Good quality supplements with discount. Good package and discreet shipping to many countries! Next day delivery in Holland and Belgium.
Product questions
Question: Are you selling Davitamon for lower prices than in the supermarket?
Answer: Yes we sell all products with at least 15% discount, so you never pay retail prices!
Question: Can you recommend a good Davitamon Multivitamin?
Answer: there are multiple multi, you can easily choose a multi yourself, it is well stated per product for who the product is intended.
Question: Does Davitamon has prenatal products?
Answer: Yes there are Davitamon mama, mama plus omega 3 visolie, mamafit, femfit.
Question: do you also have 50+ products?
Answer: Yes, we have products for both 50+ en 65+.
Question: When i order now, when do the products arrive?
Answer: In Holland and Belgium we have next day delivery. In the EU 1-4 days delivery!
Question: If i want some extra information, can i contact you?
Answer: Yes ofcourse you can always call, email or chat with us.

Go to all Davitamon products!