Delicious Corn bread

Corn bread is a tasty and healthy alternative to normal bread!
Corn bread is not very well known in the Netherlands but can serve as a good alternative to normal bread. Corn bread is in itself some what sweet and is therefore often eaten as a snack. Corn bread is very popular in America. Ideal for people who do not tolerate gluten. Cornbread is for these people an easy-to-make alternative.
What do you need to make corn bread?
Not many ingredients are needed to make corn bread! The following list states the ingredients that i used. Some of the ingredients can also be ordered directly in our webshop, there is a link to the needed products!


Tip: If you do not eat eggs, you can use carbonated water in stead of egg yolk. Make sure that when you add water the carbon dioxide is kept in the dough.

Steps for making glutenfree corn bread

  1. Put the corn flour, 2/3 of the milk, the butter and the salt in a pan and stur it on low heat. Do this for approximately 10 minutes till it gets thicker.
  2. For the preparation of the eggs, a large round bowl is a safe option. You need to beat the eggs until it get creamy, then add the remaining milk and the yeast and stir. Keep the air in.
  3. Turn the oven to 180 degrees (pre-heating)
  4. Add the egg mix bit by bit to the cooled corn douch and mix it well.
  5. Beat the egg whites until stiff in another bowl (grease free)
  6. Then scoop 1/5 of the protein with the corn mixture and use a spatula to mix it together. By doing this slow, you get more air in the bread.
  7. Now add the remainder of the protein with the corn mixture and also slowly mix.
  8. Now get a cake tin or small figurines and use baking paper or coat the tin with butter.
  9. Transfer the batter into the cake tin or the figurines. Fill the cans to ¾ because it rises more later.
  10. Now starts the baking process. Put it all in the oven and keep it in for 35-40 minutes until golden brown. A safe option is a termometer, as the core of the bread needs to be 95 degrees, and then it is ready!


And done you are! Enjoy!